Our current evolutionary goal is to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness. Here I share a few thoughts on this exciting subject. To read the script, please visit here.  

What? Why? Who? How?

Exercise to Transmute Psychological Buttons

If we want to get in control of our emotions, one thing we have to do is learn to remain unaffected by the words, actions, criticisms etc. of the people around us. We all have people in our lives that push our buttons. These so-called buttons are crystallized packages of energy in our aura that circle around us like the planets orbit the sun. So long as these crystallizations remain in our aura we will have a so-called button, and whenever someone pushes that button, we will react on automatic pilot.
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12 Daily Initiatives: Coaching Course

The 21st century shall go down in history as the Age of the Soul. To launch the Age of the Soul, we have to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness. To become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, we have to take specific initiatives. Visit here, to watch a free 30-minute introductory video.
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NEW: Empowerment Prayers

The solution to all our problems in life is continuity of consciousness in our brain awareness. The science of establishing this continuity is known as the science of the Antahkarana. To help you build the Antahkarana and develop continuity of consciousness, we have created a new series of Spiritual empowerment prayers for you.
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NEW: iThink Pioneer Series

Our iThink Pioneer series gives you an idea of the thinking of some of the greatest pioneers of our time. By meditating and contemplating on their thoughts and ideas, we tune into the magnetic field of their consciousness and develop our own in the process.
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The Big Why: Free Course

It has been said that if the WHY is strong enough, then the HOW will follow. In this complimentary coaching course, I share with you 21 compelling reasons why to strive for enlightenment. Visit our new coaching site, Total Enlightenment Coaching, and sign up today.
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100% Power - Total Empowerment Coaching Course

In this 9-hour Coaching Course, you will learn everything you need to know to fully step into your personal power in no time! It is time to reclaim your power and live the empowered life of your dreams NOW!
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