One of the laws of nature is the law of rhythm.

No one on Earth can evade rhythm. The rising and setting of the sun, the phases of the moon, the Earth’s rotation around its own axis, the cyclic passing of the years, the seasons, national standardizations, 9-5 jobs, our heart beat, our cadenced breathing, etc. all impose a rhythm upon humanity whether we realize it or not. Rhythm brings law and order into our lives.

In intuitive philosophy we call this the Law of Periodicity or the Law of Rhythm.

Being in harmony with nature, the Soul ever seeks to control its bodies – physical, emotional and mental – through the imposition of a regular rhythm. An example for the imposition of such a regular rhythm would be the cultivation of habits. When we do something habitually, we do it rhythmically; so when we establish a new habit for example, when we establish a new higher Soul habit with the intention in mind of bringing rhythm into our lives and aligning our forces with the forces of nature, we allow our Soul to impose its rhythm upon our personality.

Rhythm serves to swing our bodies into a rhythm that facilitates the downflow of healing force from the Soul. We do that when we decide to discipline ourselves to get up at a certain hour each morning, to meditate at a certain hour each day, or to engage in routines of any kind. Any kind of outer-imposed or self-imposed discipline is a form of rhythm that sets in motion energies and forces that we can use for our expansion of consciousness, Spiritual growth and awakening.

ACTION STEP: How rhythmic is your life? Is the rhythm of your lower life in alignment with the rhythm of your higher Soul life? Start developing Soul habits to synchronize the rhythm of your personality with the rhythm of your Soul.

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