Full Moon Meditations

Our Full Moon Meditations were created to help you take advantage of the once-in-a-month unimpeded alignment between our planet and the sun so we may not only align but also synchronize our energies and goals with the Will, Plan and Purpose of the Greater Life of which we are a unit. If you want to grow Spiritually in life, it is wise to meditate on full moon.

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Seven Ray Affirmations

The evolutionary goal of humanity is to step out of our humanity and into our Divinity. Our Divinity is sevenfold in character. Seven is the number of perfection. The Seven Rays or Seven Characteristics of Divinity represent our ideal of perfection. The word perfection comes from the Latin and means “to make complete, to finish, to bring to full development.” As long as any of these characteristics are missing in our character, our expression is incomplete. By setting the goal to develop ourselves in all seven characteristics or Rays we are consciously working towards reaching our evolutionary goal of perfecting or completing our consciousness. We are consciously and systematically unfolding the attributes of the Divine within our core so we may more fully step into our Divine nature. The Seven Ray Affirmations and Declarations have been created with this greater goal in mind.

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Seven Rays Invocations

Our current evolutionary goal is to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness. While the Overlighting Soul, inhabiting the Soul plane, knows itself to be Soul, the Soul’s extension in incarnation which is anchored in the human brain does not know itself to be Soul. To speed up this merger between the Overlighing Soul and the Soul’s extension of itself in incarnation and to propel us forward on our goal to Soul consciousness, we can take advantage of the science of invocation. Invocation is the activity of calling down into the form nature – via the consciousness thread – the Overligthing Soul. When the incarnated consciousness reaches up to the Overlighting Soul via invocation, it magnetically pulls down the Overlighting Soul, and as the Overlighting Soul responds, it magnetically lifts up the incarnated consciousness. This way, put simply, the Divine merger is brought about in our brain awareness. Our invocations have been created with this goal in mind.

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Empowerment Prayers

We really just have one problem in this world: We lack continuity of consciousness. The solution to all our problems in life is continuity of consciousness in our brain awareness. The science of establishing this continuity is known as the science of the Antahkarana. In essence, from a personal perspective, the Antahkarana is the bridge between the higher and lower mind that allows the two to communicate with one another. When this communication link is established, we will become aware – in our brain awareness – of this higher dimension in our life. To develop continuity of consciousness means to build bridges – not just between our higher and lower mind, but – from a greater perspective – also between humanity and those who have stepped out of the human kingdom into the Soul-conscious kingdom which it is our evolutionary destiny to enter, the so-called Hierarchy of Masters.

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To move out of the lower self into the Higher Self, we need to monitor our self-talk and replace disempowering messages with empowering messages. Thoughts are magnets. Words are forces. The thoughts we think, the words we say, the self-talk we engage in, all have a definite effect. Disempowering self-talk magnetically pulls us down whereas empowering self-talk magnetically lifts us up. So, by affirming that every day, in every way, we are getting better, more confident, more egoless, more enlightened, healthier, happier, etc., we are creating a corresponding magnetic force field around us that has the power to lift us out of our lower self into our Higher Self. Our autosuggestions were created with this greater goal in mind.

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Dance Meditations

The Soul controls its instrument – mental, emotional and physical body – through the imposition of a regular rhythm. No one on Earth can evade rhythm. Rhythm is an expression of the Seventh Ray of Ceremony, or Law and Order. Rhythm brings law and order into our lives, and since humanity as a whole now stands under the growing, potent influence of the Seventh Ray, the power and significance of rhythm will continue to grow more and more prominent as the incoming Seventh Ray is slowly but surely imposing order and a new rhythm upon our lives. To help create awareness for the power of rhythm and rhythmic living, for the presence of Seventh Ray energy in our lives and also for the Soul’s goal to impose its rhythm upon our personality, we have designed a creative Soul Rhythm Dance Meditation series that combines the rhythm of sound with the meditation on Soul characteristics.

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Classical Mantras

Our I AM Mantras – embedded in a beautiful composition of classical music that encompasses 12 instruments, ranging from violins, cellos, English horn clarinets, to piccolo flutes – combine the power of a meaningful message with the beauty of classical, timeless music; and the product is something entirely unique: Classical Mantras. Among other things, working with these unique mantras will help you to reprogram your subconscious mind with the message of the mantra, focus your mind in a world that calls for constant distraction, empower you from the inside out, build your inner confidence as well as strengthen your inner connection with Spirit.

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Master Chants

Our Master Chants are a fun, creative and innovative way to connect with the Ascended Masters El Morya and Sananda. As we strive to become a Soul-conscious species, we will inevitably awaken to the reality that man is not the crown of creation. The human family or species is just one kingdom on an infinite ladder of kingdoms. Our current evolutionary goal is to attain mastery and enlightenment so we may enter the kingdom which – with regards to its evolutionary unfoldment – stands above the human kingdom. Those of the human family who, in the past, have succeeded to attain this lofty goal, who broke free from the human kingdom to more fully step into their Divine nature, are called Enlightened Masters or Ascended Masters. Our Master Chants were created with this goal in mind: to help you attune to the greater energy field of the Ascended Masters in order to raise the frequency of your own field and synchronize its vibration with that of the Spiritual Guides of the human family.

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The 21st century shall go down in history as the Age of the Soul. To launch the Age of the Soul, we have to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness. To become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, we have to take specific initiatives. In 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi we look at 12 of these specific initiatives that we all have to take to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness so we may silently but decisively launch the Age of the Soul. MORE INFORMATION


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We, as a human family, have an evolutionary goal, and that goal for us right now, at the dawning of the Age of the Soul, is to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, and as conscious Souls in incarnation to become consciously creative. We are collectively birthing the Age of the Soul and Total Enlightenment Coaching by I AM University was joyfully created to support this extraordinarily exciting and unique stage in human evolution. MORE INFORMATION