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Children are NOT Born as Blank Slates: The Illusion of Tabula Rasa

Children are NOT Born as Blank Slates: The Illusion of Tabula Rasa

Many people and psychologists in this world believe that children when they are born are blank slates (Latin: tabula rasa). This is complete illusion and nonsense!

Each of us has had many past lives, and so when we are born we carry our past life history within us. Each of us is born with a unique personality, with special gifts, talents, and innate tendencies which are all the product of our past lives. Whatever we have learned and done in our past lives, it shines through today as inborn gifts, talents, weaknesses, strengths and subconscious tendencies.

So, in truth, when we are born, we continue exactly where we left off when we died in our previous incarnation. All our past lives are stringed together like beads on a chain.

This is why the idea that we each are born as blank slates is complete illusion!

The Integrated Ascended Master realizes that everyone in this world has a long history of past lives, and that each of us, in terms of our personality and talents, is the product of multiple incarnations.

This understanding also demystifies the mystery of geniuses. A genius is someone who has learned and practiced a certain skill over many incarnations, and so when he is born he simply recalls what he learned in his past lives.

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