We all want inner peace and peace in the world, however, what often stands between us and our inner peace is unresolved conflicts within ourselves – AND with other people, as a logic consequence.

If you are not right with yourself, if you are in conflict with yourself, you will be in conflict with other people.

So the real reason for the many conflicts in our world is people not having a right relationship with themselves.

Anyway, today I don’t want to focus on how to get right with yourself which is a huge topic, today I just want to share with you five quick tips to help you resolve conflicts with people quickly and efficiently so you may live a happy life.

  1. Communication: Alyways communicate your thoughts and feelings in a loving, honest and open way – never in an attacking way. Only fearful people attack. All conflict comes from fear, so fear and attack is never the solution. And therefore, any form of communication should be done in a calm, rational and unconditionally loving manner.
  2. Listen: Take time to listen and really hear what the other person has to say even if you disagree with where they are coming from. Part of the problem is that we have forgotten how to listen, we don’t really hear what people are saying because we are so busy projecting our own stuff onto them.
  3. Don’t be self-righteous: Always state your thoughts and feelings as “your personal opinion and perception” and avoid being self-righteous even if you know you are right. By the way, who is right in a conflict? The one who chooses love over fear.
  4. Get out of your emotions: Strive not to be overly emotional and remain as calm, objective, even-minded and rational as possible. Never communicate when you are in your emotions. To resolve conflicts you need a clear, calm mind, not turbulant emotions.
  5. Put the discussion on the shelf: If your communication is becoming heated and both of your negative egos are becoming too involved, stop all communication saying that in your observation both of your negative egos and emotional bodies are becoming too engaged and you prefer to end this discussion for now and continue it when both of you are more calm. Ok?

So, these are my 5 quick tips for today.

Again, at the end of the day, all conflict is really resolved within self. So if you want to avoid getting into conflict in the first place, get right with yourself.

However, I hope these five quick tips will help you to resolve conflicts you may have with other people. The less conflicts we have in the world, the better. Because the less fear we have in the world, the more loving a place the world will be.

Please think about it. Have a great day. Bye.