Earth is a school. The universe is a university. We are attending this school here and now to learn a number of things, one of which is to learn to master our mind. Mental mastery, at least to a certain degree, is a requirement for graduation.

Now, the first lesson to learn, when it comes to mental mastery, is this: We cannot picture thoughts of disease and poverty and expect to experience health and wealth in return. If we want to experience joy, health and abundance, we need to think joy, health and abundance – exclusively!

The moment we think a thought, it begins to exist on the mental plane. The very thought of a thing constitutes its birth and origin. And this is why the moment we think a thing, it exists. And as we pour our faith into our thought pictures or thought forms, we give them attractive power and magnetism to magnetically attract the atoms necessary to manifest for us in our lives.

Every physical thing we see around us was a sustained thought before it became a physical thing. Whatever we want to experience in life, we first have to think it! And whatever we don’t want to experience in life, we better don’t think at all.

Therefore: Only (!) think thoughts of health, wealth, joy, peace, bliss and abundance …, and you will not only get to live a beautiful, fulfilling life but you will also be learning a very important lesson in life that will eventually enable you to graduate from this planetary school.

The goal of life is to graduate from this Earthly school as Masters. The name of the game is self-mastery: mastery of the mind, of the emotions, of the physical body, and of every aspect in life. That’s the curriculum we have signed up for. The sooner we realize this, the happier our lives will be.

ACTION STEP: For the next 24 hours, aim to think ONLY thoughts of love, joy, happiness, abundance, etc. If thoughts of doubt, fear and worry come up, replace them at once (!) with thoughts of joy, happiness and peace. Don’t allow any negative thoughts or weeds to grow in your mental garden. They will magnetically attract the very thing you fear. Fear, after all, is replete with faith. Repeat this exercise every 24 hours 🙂

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