How to Develop and Refine Your Consciousness

How to Develop and Refine Your Consciousness

My Beloved Readers, this may be the single most important lesson you will ever read, for it is an overview of how to develop and refine your consciousness.

As you read this Spiritual list, I recommend you do a Spiritual inventory upon self and put a check next to the ones that you need to work on and develop. Then set up some kind of Spiritual battleplan or action plan to do this. If you follow these simple ideas and steps, you will develop and refine your consciousness into that of the Christ, the Mighty I AM Presence, and that of an Integrated Ascended Master! Your consciousness will expand just reading this list!

The second step, however, is setting up a systematic plan of attack so to speak, to develop yourself in any and all areas that are not developed. This is where the inner and outer Earthly plane I AM University comes in handy to say the least, for everything on this list is taught to you in an in-depth manner through the inner and outer plane I AM University curriculum you will be studying both consciously and in your Soul, and Integrated Lightbody Consciousness Split-offs, or bilocated Soul! The inner and outer Earthly plane I AM University will help you to become an “Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness Synthesized Christ, Mighty I AM Presence and Integrated Ascended Master.”

So be about the Father’s business and enroll now and get to work!

    • Strive To Gain Wisdom And Understanding
    • Apply That Which You Know
    • Strive For Insights, Epiphanies, Revelations
    • Learning Lessons And Passing Spiritual Tests
    • Gaining Wisdom From Life And Personal Experience
    • Filling Information Banks On All Three Levels: Spiritual, Psychological And Physical Earthly
    • Attuning To Superconscious Mind And Merging With It
    • Reprogramming Subconscious Mind
    • Denial Of Negative Aspects And Affirmation Of Positive Aspects Of Self
    • Transcending Negative Feelings
    • Learning To Interpret Your Dreams So Adjustments And Corrections Can Be Made Each Day
    • Working With A Spiritual Journal System
    • Constant Questions To Spirit And Masters
    • Integration Of All Aspects Of Self And Life
    • Synthesized All Aspects Of Self And Life
    • Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness – Adding Lenses Each Day You See Through
    • Microcosm And Macrocosm Relationship Understanding In All That You Are Involved With! As Within, So Without! As Above, So Below!
    • Make Adjustments On All Levels Each Day
    • Pieces Of Consciousness Adding Each Day
    • Expanding Consciousness
    • Begin To Relate To Solar, Galactic, Universal, And Cosmic Citizenship
    • Understanding The Cosmic Map Home
    • Working With:
    • Seven Rays
    • Seven Chakras
    • Twelve Archetypes
    • Twelve Schools, Colleges And Challenges Of Life
    • Thirteen Sephiroth On The Tree Of Life
    • 22 Major Arcana Of Tarot Deck
    • Numerology
    • Seven Dimensions Of Reality
    • 72 Supersenses Of God
    • Jack Of All Trades And Master Of All Of Them
    • Developing A Flawless Character
    • Meditation
    • Consistency And Alignment On All Levels
    • Impeccable Integrity
    • Refining Structures Each Day
    • Making Spiritual Vows Every Time You Make A Mistake So As To Not Let It Happen Again
    • Gaining Wisdom From Lessons Each Day
    • Thirst For Wisdom, Knowledge And Understanding Spiritually, Psychologically, Physically And Earthly Wise
    • Study Religions And All Spiritual Paths 

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