We all want our lives to be a succession of empowered and happy days, right?

I don’t think anyone wants to have a bad day consciously – I mean, I don’t think anyone gets up in the morning saying, today I want to have a really bad day.

A lot of people do have a lot of “bad” days, but not because they consciously decide so. That’s a decision we make unconsciously by not realizing that it is our job as Souls in incarnation to make our mind, emotions and body serve us as Souls.

We don’t realize that and so we are so-called victims of circumstance – we are run by our own energies and the energies around us in the world; and so, when you are a so-called victim of circumstance, it is hard to have a good day.

You see, if you want to have a good day, you have to make a conscious decision about it.

So today I just wanted to share with you something very quick and simple I personally do and have been doing for years. It is one small aspect of my daily morning routine. So I do other things as well, but here is one thing I do.

In the morning when getting up, I never leave my bed without first generating all the joy in my heart. You see, joy is different from happiness. Happiness is a personality thing. When the weather is good we are happy. When we get what we want, we are happy. Joy, on the other hand, is a Soul quality. Joy comes from the inner knowingness of our inherent divinity, eternity and immortality. Joy comes from knowing that we have a Divine Creator and that we are divine creatures and that we share the spirit of divinity with everyone and everything equally even if most of us don’t express it.

So what I do, when I sit down in meditation, is I focus my attention in my heart and generate all the joy that I can possibly generate. I smile when I do that. It speeds up the process. It takes me maybe a minute to do that. I sit down, smile, and think about joy and give it my full attention until I feel a wave of joy emanating from my heart and washing over my aura. There is no better feeling in the world.

And then there is one more thing I do before I get up. I claim my power. I do various things, but one thing I do that helps me get into my power super quickly is, I say the following mantra. I say: I will. I can. I do. Fighter! I will. I can. I do. Fighter!

I know a lot of people – especially in the so-called New Age movement – don’t like the word fighter because they don’t understand what we are actually up to and what the so-called Spiritual path involves and what it actually means for the Soul to take charge of the mind, emotional nature and physical body. That’s quite literally a war. But I don’t want to get into that right now. We will talk about that another time. So that’s one reason why as a part of my morning routine, I say, “I will, I can, I do. Fighter!”

But here is another reason why I do that, why I generate all the joy in my heart and claim my power before I start my day.

We live in a world that is filled with unhappy, depressed and worried people because we live in a world that denies its divinity and is actually scared to death of its own divinity. Why? Well, imagine it is really true that you are immortal, eternal, totally lovable and so is everyone else. If that were true, which it is, it would mean that our whole world view is all fantasy and illusion. That our fears, our worries, our attacks, our superiority and inferiority complexes etc. are all a fantasy. And that’s huge! We would have to admit that everything we thought to be true is not true. That all our excuses for shining our light that we come up with in order to defend our illusionary incapability and littleness are all nonsense. So we would have to admit that our every thought, feeling and activity is based on illusion. And if we did that, what would that do to our self-worth, the negative ego thinks. So we deny our Divinity because if we stopped doing that, we might recognize that we are indeed divine, and eternal and endlessly lovable and that our mistakes are not held against us. And to the negative ego that is a scary thought because it means the end of the negative ego which by the way is the part of our mind that denies our Divinity and affirms our separation.

So anyway, that’s why we live in a world where everybody attacks everybody. We live in a world that tries to bring us down every step along the way. And so if you don’t generate joy in your heart and claim your power to start your day, and decide to have a powerful and joyful day, you will have a bad day because your own inner unmastered energies as well as all the attacks coming from unhappy people around you will bring you down. So that’s why I do it. It helps me to stay on top of life. And I find it totally energizing.

So I generate all the joy in my heart, then I say 2 or 3 times, I will, I can and I do, fighter! So I am really powering myself up from the inside out, and then I usually get so excited, I don’t walk downstairs in a zen-mode, I literally run downstairs.

And then, from spring to autumn, I don’t do that in winter because we have snow here, but from spring to autumn, I go outside in the garden, take the garden hose and take a freezing cold shower. And that’s my first victory of the day.