How to Program the Subconscious Mind for Success in Business

How to Program the Subconscious Mind for Success in Business

The Subconscious Mind as a Computer Room

Close your eyes and imagine taking an elevator, stairs or an escalator down into the recesses of your subconscious mind. In this first visualization exercise imagine that your subconscious mind looks like a computer room. Imagine that there is one master computer sitting on a large desk with a chair in front of it. Sit down in the chair and see the typewriter keyboard in front of you, with the computer screen also in front of you.

Imagine that there is a particular key on the typewriter which you can press to see what existing programs are already in your computer. Imagine you know how to work the computer and scan the “bad” habits or thinking patterns that are still existing in your computer (subconscious). See these faulty thinking patterns being printed out on the screen in front of you. Choose three faulty thinking habits you want to change printed on the screen clearly in front of you. See these habits vanish off the screen. Now “type” into the computer screen the new thinking habits you want stored on the computer disks. Do this for all three habits and now see them printed clearly on the screen. Then press another button on your computer keyboard that signifies indefinite storage in your computer bank. When completed take the elevator back up to your conscious reasoning mind.

The Subconscious Mind as a Movie Projector

Close your eyes and again take the elevator down into your subconscious mind, and this time see it as a movie studio. In the middle of the room there is a large movie camera such as you would see in the filming of a television show or actual movie. In front of this camera is a large screen. Walk up to the movie camera or projector and see yourself switching on the projection cassette reel. As you do so, before your eyes on the screen in front of you are three bad habits that you have been operating within your video tape machine in the past. See these bad habits being projected on the screen in full visual technicolor. After watching the movie of your bad habits, shut off the movie projector and camera. See yourself take the video cassette out of the camera. As you look at the cassette it is titled, “Three Past Bad Habits.” See yourself go to the metal waste paper basket which is filled with paper and light a match to the paper and see a small flame engulf the paper and throw this video cassette into the waste paper basket. See it start to melt and burn up the video reel. Then go to the shelf on the wall and get a blank video cassette. Take this cassette and put it into the video machine. Examine the movie camera and press the button that says “record.” As you do so, with your mind’s eye visualize and imagine on the screen in front of you the new habits you want in your life in full Technicolor. Use great detail in seeing every aspect of these new habits. When finished, shut off the movie camera, take the cassette out of the camera, label it, and put it on the shelf with the other existing video tapes you have in storage. Then take the elevator back to the conscious reasoning mind.

The Subconscious Mind as a Garden

Close your eyes and take the elevator down into the subconscious mind and see a beautiful garden in front of you. Examine your garden and see what is growing out of the soil (subconscious mind). Are there a lot of beautiful flowers and plants and trees or is it overrun by “weeds”? Walk through your garden and begin pulling out the weeds and shrubbery that don’t belong in your garden. Each time you pull out a weed or shrub that doesn’t belong there, look at it and see what negative thought or image or habit it symbolizes or represents. Go through your garden and do this until satisfied, and then take the bucket of weeds you have collected and burn them. Then go to the shed in your garden where you store all the packages of new seeds (new thoughts and images). While in the shed, decide what new seeds you want to plant in your garden. Then see yourself very carefully planting these new seeds in the soil in an orderly manner. Imagine time passing by, and see yourself every day for twenty one days coming back and watering, talking to and fertilizing these seeds. Each day you come back see these seeds sprouting into the positive thought, image or habit that has laid previously latent within it. See your garden now after twenty one days. Do whatever you have to do within the garden of your subconscious mind to make it healthy and strong. Make note of which plants, flowers and trees represent what, within your garden. Be clear that the soil of your subconscious mind will grow any seed thought you plant, be it positive or negative, so be sure not to let any bad seeds land in the soil of your subconscious mind. If any “bad seeds” have landed there and are starting to grow, be sure to pull them out daily.

The Subconscious Mind as an Audio Tape Recorder

Close your eyes and take the elevator down into your subconscious mind and see it as an audio recording studio. See the master tape recorder on the table before you. Press the play button and listen to the existing cassette of the bad habits or thinking or emotional patterns that are existing within your tape recorder. After listening to three of the bad habits that have been playing, press the stop and eject button of the tape recorder. Take that tape and burn it. Take a brand new audio cassette tape and place it in the tape recorder. Press the record button and begin talking into the microphone, either aloud or internally, with the new audio recording you want playing in your subconscious mind. This is your opportunity to do your affirmations or just talk to your subconscious servo mechanism, and tell it what you would like to manifest within your reality. When complete, stop the machine and put this new cassette back into its tape container and file it with your other cassettes you have in storage. When you are finished take the elevator back up to your conscious reasoning mind. While working with these different visualization exercises, it is a good idea to do them on a structured, regular basis just as one would do with affirmations. It takes twenty one days to cement fully a new habit into the subconscious mind. Spending ten to fifteen minutes morning and night for twenty one days, in conjunction with the affirmations you are working with on the same specific habit, will do the trick.

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