We are all involved in all kinds of relationships. No man, no woman in this world is an island unto himself or herself.

We are all interconnected. We are all dependent on each other, and so we have all kinds of relationships with one another.

We have relationships with our romantic partner, with our parents, with our siblings, with our in-laws and greater circle of family, with our friends, we have relationships with our neighbors, with our colleagues at work, with other cultures and countries, literally with God and the every human being in the world (whether we consciously realize it or not) because we are all one human family.

However, we not only have a million relationships, we also have a million relationship problems, both personally and on a planetary level. So today I would like to share with you how you can resolve ALL your relationship problems once and for all.

Okay, so what’s the problem and what’s the solution?

We have a million relationship problems in this world because we don’t relate to each other properly. So the problem is that we don’t relate to each other properly. And therefore, the logic solution to our relationship problems is to relearn to relate to each other properly.

Why don’t we relate to each other properly?

Because, collectively, as a human species, we have cut ourselves off from our Divine Source. We deny our higher self and are identified with our lower self. Therefore we reduce ourselves to our lower self and physical body and behave accordingly; we are selfish, afraid, attacking, and we act separatively in all that we do.

So, to begin with, we are not right with ourselves. That’s really our core problem. Nobody in this world is really right with themselves because all of us – even those of us who consciously work on learning this lesson – we are all still identified with the lower self to a very high degree.

I mean, how can you expect to be right with yourself if you deny your true self, your higher self, your Divine Self? Yet, this is exactly what we are doing in this world. We deny who we are and reduce ourselves to our bodies and so we don’t like ourselves and don’t think very highly of us, we don’t think we have any worth and value because of reducing ourselves to our lower self and our mistakes and successes, and we wonder why that is? So it is really simple: You cannot be right with yourself if you deny your true self, your higher self, the part of yourself that is eternal.

And, you see, here is the thing. We cannot separate ourselves from our own thinking because our thinking literally swirls around us in our mental aura – which is why Dr Stone said that every thought you think is a lens you see through. So we cannot separate ourselves from our own thinking, and so we end up projecting our wrong relationship to self – all our faulty, fear-based thinking – onto all our relationships, onto God and the whole world. As Dr Stone said, “We don’t have relationships with people. We have relationships with our beliefs about people.” We don’t see people as they are. We see people as we are because we all walk around in this world projecting our thinking onto everyone because again, we cannot separate ourselves from our own thinking.

Now, the only problem is that our thinking is mostly lower-self based. So instead of looking at each encounter as Soul meeting Soul, we look at our encounters as body meeting body, ego meeting ego. And then as a logic consequence we co-create a world where nobody relates to each other properly. We all relate to each other as separate bodies and personalities, instead of as Souls and Spiritual family.

Okay, so what’s the solution?

Get right with yourself, then all your relationships will fall into place too!

How do you do that?

If I had to say it in one sentence: Transcend your lower self and identify with your Higher Self. In the I AM University we offer a wealth of support to help you accomplish this. Maybe we can do a quick video about it sometime.

And so, once you are right with yourself, you will be right everyone else in the world, including God. Because you will stop projecting your unresolved stuff onto everyone and everything. Instead you will start looking at every relationship as Soul meeting Soul, Christ meeting Christ, Buddha meeting Buddha, Spirit meeting Spirit, whatever language works best for you. And you will understand that everyone in the world is Soul awakening to realize themselves to be Soul.

So you start realizing that people are the way they are in this world because we all don’t know ourselves. We are just starting to wake up.

So if someone attacks you or criticizes you, you understand that they just can’t help themselves. They don’t know it better – they don’t know that it is inappropriate to attack a Spiritual brother or sister who is in school here for learning and growth like they themselves are and that for the very reason of all of us being in school here, we all make mistakes. And so you are engaged in such relationships but you just take it all as an opportunity to practice your Divinity, and so when others relate to you in inappropriate ways, you just say, “Thank you for the lesson.”

So anyway, please go ahead and look into your relationships. How do you relate to yourself and how do you relate to others? Please think about it and make the necessary corrections, remembering that the place to start is always with us ourselves. I hope I could be of service to you today. Have a great day. Bye.