Machu Picchu in Peru Machu Picchu in Peru: one of the most well known sacred sites, high in the mountains of Peru, Machu Picchu is a place of beauty and mystery. Built on the top of a mountain by the Incas, it contains carvings of some of the constellations.
Macrocosm Macrocosm: a greater body of manifestation; a large system such as the Omniverse, considered as a single unit; see microcosm
Magician Magician: one of the twelve major archetypes that must be mastered, integrated and balanced in the process of clearing the negative ego. One must transcend the lower expression of the each Archetype and develop and integrate its higher expression. Lower expression: Using one’s Magician powers for the purpose of manipulation, to seduce others to follow oneself; false gurus, counselors; Black Magic! Higher expression: True alchemists and transformers, magical in the way they can create change and transformation in one’s Four-Body system (they do this by understanding Universal Laws at each level and applying them), egoless, true servant of the Divine, skill, diplomacy, self confidence and will!
Mahabarata Mahabarata: one of the holiest books of India, which contains the Bhagavad-Gita and predicts the coming of Sai Baba.
Mahachohan Mahachohan: also known as the Lord of Civilization, a position within the Planetary Hierarchy that deals with the third ray and the quality of Active Intelligence. The name of the Master who holds this position is Saint Germain.This position not only governs the third ray department, but also the four attribute rays (Rays Four to Seven).
Mahamanvantara Mahamanvantara: a great cycle of manifestation for a solar system. A “manvantara” is a lesser cycle within this greater cycle, but still of vast duration by human standards — 308,448,000 years.
Mahasamadhi Mahasamadhi: “Sreat Samadhi,” conscious departure from the physical body at death; also called Nirvana
Mahatma Mahatma: name given to the “Avatar of Synthesis,” the Mahatma is a group being that pervades all levels of existence and generates a synthesis effect of all energies blending together as they ascend back into one frequency. The Mahatma embodies all of the three hundred and fifty-two levels of the Godhead, and can be called upon by name for an infusion of the synthesis of all frequencies and levels of existence in the multidimensional universe. The Mahatma was physically anchored into the Earth in 1988, one year after the Harmonic Convergence.
Mahatma Coding Invocation Mahatma Coding Invocation: an activation that can be called forth that contains the blueprints and coding from the Mahatma to be programmed into the computer banks of the Four-Body System, making it easier to move through the plantary, solar, galactic, universal, multiuniversal and cosmic initiations.
Mahatma Cosmic Walk-in Mahatma Cosmic Walk-in: the Mahatma, also known as the Avatar of Synthesis, is a group consciousness being embodying all 352 levels of Divinity. If invited, it will walk in, or better still, overlight and embody your consciousness if asked. Hence, “Cosmic Walk-in.” It is not a walk-in, in the sense of you leaving! A better term might be “Cosmic overlighting and integration”!
Mahavira Mahavira: a saint of India who was involved with the establihsment of Jainism; contemporary of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha
Maitreya Maitreya: See Lord Maitreya.
Majestic Twelve Majestic Twelve: a group of people on Earth who were involved in the cover-up of all the Extraterrestrial activity on Earth started by President Harry Truman and his friend Nelson Rockefeller! This group coordinated the cover-up in the United States, which has continued since 1953, and which really had its antecedents with the Roswell crash and recovery of an alien spacecraft and three dead and one live alien in New Mexico in 1945!
Maldek Maldek: an ancient planet that many channeled sources say was destroyed long ago in our solar system.
Malkuth Malkuth: one of the Sephiroth of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, associated with Archangel Sandalphon. The name of God associated with this sephiroth is Adonai Malekh.
Mana Mana: Hawaiian term for “vital force” or “Prana.”
Mandala Mandala: a picture of a circle around a square that represents the universe in Hindu and Buddhist religions; great for meditation!
Manic Depressive Manic Depressive: stems from allowing subconscious mind and emotional body to run you hence negative ego becomes programmer of emotional body causing roller coaster feelings and emotions instead of ongoing unchanging Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/God feelings and emotions!
Manifestation Manifestation: the ability to actualize what you want on the physical/Earthly plane of consciousness. See “The Laws of Manifestation” in Dr Stone’s book “Soul Psychology
Mantle of the Christ Mantle of the Christ: the Spiritual and Psychological attributes, qualities, Spiritual ideals, principles and Spiritual matrix or Grid of Planetary Christed Ideals that one can ask to be placed within or around oneself which then must be demonstrated by the individual on Earth!
Mantra Mantra: a word or sound that is repeated as a prayer or to help people meditate in the Hindu and Buddhist religions
Mantra Yoga Mantra Yoga: one of the 22 types of Yoga that achieves God Realization through the use of mantras, names of God, and power words of God!
Manu Manu: a position in the Spiritual Government that deals with the first ray and the Will aspect of the Creator. The Master who currently holds this position for the Earth’s Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy and Govermment is the Master Allah Gobi. His work is largely connected to government, planetary politics, and the founding and dissolution of the Root Races.
Manvantara Manvantara: the world cycle of the seven root races of 49 subraces. Period of activity as opposed to a period of rest. Frequently used to express a period of planetary activity and its seven races.
Marduk Marduk: another name for Nibiru, the hidden planet of our solar system according to ancient Sumerian records, that passes through every 3600 years.
Marko Marko: an Ascended Master who assists the Master Hilarion with the focus of the fifth ray department of science and concrete knowledge. Master Marko is responsible, along with other Masters of the Fifth Ray Department, for all of the scientific pursuits going on in the world at this time, and can be called upon to assist with building and strengthening the mental and higher mental abilities within.
Mars Mars: the fourth planet out from the sun that holds the astrological qualities of physical, creative and spiritual energy, active will, and strength.
Martyr Martyr: one of the twelve major archetypes that must be mastered, integrated and balanced in the process of clearing the negative ego. One must transcend the lower expression of the each Archetype and develop and integrate its higher expression. Lower expression: Person sacrifices but does so as a means to manipulate and control others, performing sacrifices as a kind of guilt trip, not realizing that there is a time to be selfless and a time to be Spiritually selfish! Higher expression: Saint, Vow of Bodhisattva, the higher you go the more one realizes that the main reason for being here is being of service!
Martyrdom Martyrdom: stems from the faulty belief of not taking care of the aspect of God that you are. Always helping other parts of God but not taking care of the part of God that is you also. Both are important!
Matriarch Matriarch/Patriarch: one of the twelve major archetypes that must be mastered, integrated and balanced in the process of clearing the negative ego. One must transcend the lower expression of the each Archetype and develop and integrate its higher expression. Lower expression: Either weak father (not protecting the inner/outer child, being wishy-washy and totally controlled by the Feminine which turns the Feminine into its negative aspect) or the totalitarian, control-obsessed father (being over-protective, too militaristic, and too controlled by the Masculine); hence Feminine/Masculine imbalance! Higher expression: Tough love (love and firmness), proper use of Personal Power and Unconditional Love, Divine indifference in its proper relationship to compassion, parenting inner child!
Maslow, Abraham Maslow, Abraham: considered the father of Humanistic Psychology. Most known for his theories on self-actualization. Studied healthy people rather than sick people to find key qualities they all had in common.
Mass Ascension Mass Ascension: Spiritual harvesting. At certain designated times in Earth’s history there are periods of mass harvesting that take place where special Spiritual Windows are opened for large numbers of incarnated souls on Earth to take higher initiations and achieve their integrated ascension, so that they may then be of greater service on Earth with the full light of the Mighty I AM Presence that they are embodying. The key is to do this in an integrated and balanced manner; not just in one’s Spiritual body, but also in the mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies!
Mass Consciousness Mass Consciousness: could also be called “collective consciousness.” The combined thoughts, emotions, energy and vibration of all souls on Earth. At this time still in a relatively low state of consciousness filled with personality-level consciousness and negative ego / fear based / separative / dualistic / illusionary / lower self faulty thinking and feeling.
Master Master: a title given to one who has mastered self on all levels (Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical); the Ascended Masters are called Masters because they mastered self; in doing so they raised their vibration and achieved their Ascension
Master Master: a verb meaning to gain control, discipline and mastery over a lesson, activity, one’s thoughts, emotions, words, deeds, energy and/or any aspect of one’s consciousness and life.
Matrix Removal Program Matrix Removal Program: usually called the “Core Fear Matrix Removal Program.” It is a lattice work of Light that is anchored into the individual by the inner plane Ascended Masters for the purpose of pulling out all the Core fear or negative ego programming from the person’s conscious, subconscious, and energy fields. A special divine dispensation given to the Earth in this recent time of increased Spiritual acceleration on the Earth! You can call for this from the Ascended Masters. Read Dr. Stone’s book Beyond Ascension, for more information!
Matter Matter: the densest form of energy, made up of atoms (mostly composed of the subatomic particles protons, electrons and neutrons), which are the building blocks of all chemicals, minerals, and organic forms in the third dimension. Matter makes up the physical bodies of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies, and ranges from solid to liquid to gas and plasma, and many other forms.
Maya Maya: the form of delusion on the etheric plane is called “Maya,” the remedy for which is “inspiration.”
Mayan Mayan: great spiritual civilization in South America. Atlantean influence. Found there are pyramids that remind one of Egyptian mysteries.
Mayan Calendar Mayan Calendar: the calendar of the Mayans of South America who were greatly influenced by Atlantean Civilization. Greatly noticed at this time because the Mayan Calendar is set to end its present cycle in 2012 which marks the official beginning of the beginning of the Seventh Golden Age!
Mayavarupa Body Mayavarupa Body: one of the first of the 22 levels of integrated light body; encases the Monadic Blueprint Body as protection and contains futuristic coding relative to the universal force of light and energy. It is composed of sacred language created by God and dispenses light directly to the other bodies beneath its layer; also composed of DNA, RNA contributors and electrons assimilated through divine dispensation to configure your physical structure for the purpose of holding the intense energy of this light body. It’s general appearance is multi-colored reflections from the other bodies of light beneath it with a dominant color associated with your individual ray structure, projected to the other bodies. It’s purpose is to solidify the structure for future light bodies to be built upon.  See I AM University Correspondence Course #2
Mecca, Saudi Arabia Mecca, Saudi Arabia: Mecca is the holiest of all sacred sites in the Islamic faith, for it is the place where Muhammad began his night journey to the sacred rock of Jerusalem where he ascended into the heavens and received the five pillars of the Islamic faith. One of the pillars was that each Muslim must once in their lifetime make a sacred pilgrimage to Mecca. He is said to have begun this journey from another sacred rock, actually a meteorite, in Mecca, which rests at the center of a heavily guarded building complex that only Muslims are allowed to enter. It is this sacred rock that is the central focus of the pilgrimage.
Meditation Meditation: Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is being silent and listening to God. Various kinds of meditation techniques can be used to deepen one’s attunement to the Divine to more deeply experience God!
Medjegorji, Bosnia Medjegorji, Bosnia: on June 24th, 1981, six children began to experience daily apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at a site in Medjegorji near the church of St. James. Mary began giving messages to the children concerning achieving everlasting peace on Earth, and the messages have continued to this day. Now many people from all over the world travel there in hopes of being touched by Spirit, and many miracles have been reported.
Megalomaniac Megalomaniac: a person who is filled with grandiosity rather than Spiritual grandeur. The New Age Movement is full of these kinds of people. People claiming to be avatars, incarnations of the Masters, famous past life personages, claiming to be saints, claiming to have Hindu deities as children, claiming to have Spiritual experiences they never had, claiming they are Buddha Maitreya, claiming they are Babaji, claiming they are John of Penial, Edgar Cayce, the list is endless. 99.99% of the time this is total negative ego self delusion and self deception but in a megalomanic form! Another example is someone who claims to be at the 352nd level of initiation and someone who claims to be omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. These are all examples of people in the New Age Movement who have been caught in this specific example. As the Master Jesus said, “Be aware of false prophets and teachers. Be aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Lastly the Master Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruits!”
Meier, Billy Meier, Billy: a Swiss man who was contacted by a Pleiadian named Semjase, who claimed she was here to share with the Earth people the information that they are not alone in this universe, and to help guide Earth people in terms of religions and their repression of the human spirit. His contact with the Pleiadians are some of the most well-documented.
Melancholic Melancholic: being melancholic is connected with a type of chronic sadness. My Beloved Friends, sadness is of the negative ego mind and does not really exist. It stems from attachment rather than preference, lack of transcendence of duality and evenmindedness, lack of understanding, identification with the personality rather than the soul and monad. As I like to say, don’t ask someone how life is treating you, ask how you are treating life. In the music industry people talk about playing the blues like the blues is a part of life. Blues is a part of one’s separated/fragmented mind, not of life. There is only happiness, joy,  bliss, oneness with God, love, and evenmindedness when one interprets life from their Spiritual /Christ /Buddha /Krishna /Moses /Mohammed /God Mind. There are no ups and downs in life. This is the great illusion of the earthly world, there are only ups and downs in people’s minds. The world is just a projection screen for your thinking. When you learn to play God’s movie rather than the negative ego’s movie, you will graduate after completing your Spiritual mission and will need the world no more except to serve!
Melchior Melchior: Galactic Logos. Melchior was also the name of one of the Three Wise Men who was a past incarnation of Kuthumi.
Melchizedek Crystals and Diamonds Melchizedek Crystals and Diamonds: fine vibrational tools that can be called forth and anchored under the guidance of Melchizedek that can accelerate the process of anchoring the higher light bodies
Melchizedek Priesthood Melchizedek Priesthood: a universal priesthood of illumination governed by Melchizedek, the Universal Logos. In essence, all Spiritual teachings on Earth have their source in the Melchizedek Priesthood or the teachings of Melchizedek which deal with the realization of Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I Am Presence / God / Goddess / Melchizedek Consciousness which is all one and the same – just different terms.
Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy, MSLA: the inner plane Academy and Ashram founded by Dr. Joshua David Stone in 1996. It is a real inner plane Teaching Academy and inner plane Ashram overlighted by Melchizedek, the Mahatma, Archangel Metatron, the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Planetary Spiritual Government of Masters, and the Cosmic Hierarchy! Its purpose is to teach Spiritual, Psychological and Physical/Earthly mastery in service of Gof and Unconditional Love for the purpose of teaching all incarnated souls to achieve “Integrated Ascension” so they may be of greater service on this planet! The inner and outer plane MSLA evolved into the inner and outer plane I AM University which was officially launched on Earth on November 2, 2004.
Melchizedek, the Universal Logos Melchizedek, the Universal Logos: also known as “Lord Melchizedek,” he is the Cosmic Master who consciously holds the pattern of evolution for every being in the universe.
Melchizedek’s Golden Flame Melchizedek’s Golden Flame: a golden frame of purification that can be called forth in Melchizedek’s Golden Chamber.
Melchizedek’s Golden Rod Melchizedek’s Golden Rod: a small golden rod from Melchizedek that can be requested and installed while sitting in Melchizedek’s Golden Ascension Chamber, for light quotient building and ascension expansion.
Melchizedek’s Information Disk Melchizedek’s Information Disk: an information disk of light that can be installed into the brain, by request, from Melchizedek. This disk is similar to Arcturian technology, but is coming directly from the Universal Core and is an even more advanced technology. The disk serves as a translation orb, and helps one’s consciousness translate the Light packets of information coming in from the Ascended Masters, Elohim & Archangels as well as from the Keys of Enoch in all five sacred languages and all fire letters and key codes of the 24 dimensions of reality.
Melchizedek’s Transmitting Station Melchizedek’s Transmitting Station: a special transmitting station that can be requested from Melchizedek in his Golden Ascension Chamber, that is installed into the third chakra and then into all of the other chakras. This transmitting station looks like Tesla coils that have been installed in each chakra in a conic or spiral fashion, and acts as a receiver for the sacred Elohim scriptures during sleep, and also allows one to increase one thousandfold the lens of inner sight and the ability to receive knowledge and energy from the Spiritual Hierarchy.
Mental Body Mental Body: one of the first 22 levels of integrated light body. It expands into infinitude and the latitude of space the mental body has to work within is infinite. The mental body holds all thoughts one thinks and holds the highest vibratory rate in the lower base structure of light bodies. You are in control of your thought creating ability and you are in control of mastering Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I Am Presence / God / Goddess Consciousness with every level of light body. It generally appears in aura as red or ruby of the lightest hue; the mental body’s vibration takes your thoughts and transmits them through all other light bodies and into the universe where they are manifested; see I AM Univerisity Correspondence Course #2
Mental Plane Mental Plane: a plane of reality that consists of thought energy; associated with the mental body and the third initiation.
Mercury Mercury: the first planet out from the sun holding the astrological quality of mind that analyzes and categorizes, and the rational mind or intellect that governs the mentality and common sense.
Meruvian Root Race Meruvian Root Race: there are Seven Root Races that are evolving through this planet’s current evolutionary cycle. The Meruvian is the Sixth Root Race which is starting to incarnate onto this planet at this time, although we are still in the Aryan root race cycle. Where the Aryan root race dealt with mental attunement, the Meruvian root race deals with integration, which is more holistic and integrated in nature. No accident, hence, that the focus of the I AM University is in achieving Integrated Ascension!
Messiah Messiah: the savior of the world that the Jews predict will come. It is also a term used by Christians when referring to Jesus the Christ. The truth is that this great Messiah comes in the form of every human being who chooses God over negative ego, love over fear, oneness over separation, transcendence over duality.
Metatron Metatron: the Chief of the Archangels who is seated at the crown of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life; the creator of the electron and of all outer light. Often called the “Garment of Shaddai”. Holds several titles, such as the Lesser Yahweh, the Voice of God, Chancellor of Heaven, Prince of the Divine Presence, Angel of the Covenant, Prince of the Seraphim, King of the Angels, Prince of Princes, the Demiurge, the Angel of Death, the Angel of Music, the Angel of Humankind, and the Heavenly Scribe.
Microcosm Microcosm: a miniature model of something that contains the same patterns or has the same qualities as the macrocosmic equivalent i.e. man is the microcosmic expression or reflection of the Macrocosm God
Microtron Microtron: an Ascension Activation, that can be called forth and anchored by Metatron, which is a type of microchip and Energy Latticework that is laid in and that allows for the availability of the highest level of ascension energy one can potentially receive.
Mind Mind: mental faculty given to us by God to fulfill our purpose as co-creator with God. It is the cause of all feelings, emotions, behavior and what one attracts or repels in their life. God has given us an aspect of His Mind in the form of our Superconscious Mind; our Superconscious Mind is the Mind of God inside of us; ideally the subconscious mind is subservient to the conscious mind, and the conscious mind is subservient to the Superconscious Mind. This is a prerequisite to achieving Self and God Realization
Mind Locks Mind Locks: mental block; block in the mental body; one may call to Metatron and Melchizedek to bring forth the living flame geometries of color and sound with the keys of YHWH to open all mind locks in one’s consciousness so the divine mind of Metatron and Melchizedek can directly seed the innermost mind.
Mineral Kingdom Mineral Kingdom: one of the five Kingdoms of God: Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human and Spiritual. Consists of rocks, crystals, gemstones and so on. The most advanced being in the Mineral Kingdom is the diamond. All are in a state of evolution in God’s Universe, including the Mineral Kingdom! Devas and Elemental beings live within and around these physical structures and help to create and evolve them!
Mini-Merkabahs Mini-Merkabahs: an activation that can be called forth from Metatron in which Mini-Merkabahs spin through the entire Chakra system to completely cleanse, balance, and open up the Chakras, clearing away psychic debris.
Mini-Tornadoes Mini-Tornadoes: infinitesimally small, etheric tornadoes that blend and merge the higher bodies with the lower bodies, in a sense sewing the bodies together.
Missionaries of Charity Missionaries of Charity: this is the organization founded by Mother Teresa, the great Christian Saint from Calcutta, who recently passed on to the Spiritual World! Known for helping the poorest of the poor!
Mohammed Mohammed: the great Spiritual Prophet of the Religion of Islam. Channel for Archangel Gabriel!
Mohammed, Mirza Ali Mohammed, Mirza Ali: one of the cofounders of the Baha’i faith, who lived from 1819 to 1850. Mirza had been involved with Sufism, the mystical aspect of Islam. He became a messiah, or what is called a mahdi, for the Sufis. His title was Bab; the religion he founded was known as Babism. The teachings spread rapidly, but the Persian government heavily persecuted the people involved and Mirza Ali Mohammed died a martyr. Baha’u’llah, who had been his disciple, declared to his followers that he was the next prophet of God whom Mirza had prophesied. The two men are considered the cofounders of the Baha’i Faith, but Baha’u’llah represents the full culmination of the teaching.
Monad Monad: means “one”; another term for Mighty I AM Presence – our individualized spark of God; a co-creative point source of focus within God’s presence that contains the perfect expression and microcosm of the macrocosm of the “I AM That I AM,” emulating the perfect flow of Love, Light & Power from the Source. According to Djwhal Khul, God created 60 billion monads in our planetary system, and each of these monads creates 12 oversoul projections, which each in turn create 12 soul extensions or incarnated personalities (one of which is you).
Monadic Blueprint Monadic Blueprint: a higher blueprint for the physical and etheric body that can be called forth to be imprinted into the physical and etheric levels for greater healing, and for the evolution of the soul extension to be based on a more perfect pattern.
Monadic Blueprint Body Monadic Blueprint Body: one of the first 22 levels of the integrated light body. It represents the blueprint of your soul which is one of individual design and energy and is programmed with the direction and energy of each individual’s Soul path and evolution. The recipe of this body is unique to each individual. It’s general appearance is amber with other ray colors mixed throughout coinciding with the general ray structure of each individual. It sends responses to the individual regarding its soul program and divine puzzle piece. This body, once earned, helps anchor the individual’s Soul path and directional evolution, it contains the knowledge of the akashic record for your soul within its design and is this is why it has an individual equation for each soul. see I AM University Correspondence Course #2
Monadic Body Monadic Body: one of the 22 levels of integrated light body. It’s function directional force, its force and power are always directed to the higher realms of the Godhead and it takes the energy and thoughtforms of the other layers of light body beneath it and sends this light energy in the direction of God. It’s generally appearance is luminescent silver and blue, with tints of violet. It is a receiving station for God’s light and energy, it protects and teaches the lower bodies of light beneath its level. It’s structure is different for each individual – especially in regards to ray configuration. See I AM University Correspondence Course #2
Monadic Braid Monadic Braid: after taking the sixth initiation, the next step in the weaving in of soul extensions is to call forth the installation and activation of the monadic braiding process. This is the cleansing and integration of the 144 soul extensions from the monad.
Monadic Mantra Monadic Mantra: a powerful mantra created by Djwhal Khul to activate alignment with the Monad: I am the Monad, I am the Light Divine, I am Love, I am Will, I am Fixed Design.
Monadic Plane Monadic Plane: a plane of reality a step above the Atmic Plane and a step below the Logoic Plane; corresponds with the Sixth Initiation and Third Eye.
Monadic Sweep Monadic Sweep: an effective spiritual centering and clearing method one can request from the monad in which the monad sweeps through one’s Chakras and Four-Body System, clearing them of all psychic debris and giving them a quick balancing.
Montauk Project Montauk Project: a secret project that took place in the early 1980’s at the Montauk airbase on Long Island, New York. The research that led to this project began after the Philadelphia Experiment, and culminated in 1983. The focus of the project ranged from mind control to fusing human minds with computers, to exploration of human manipulated time/space anomalies that were first witnessed in the Philadelphia Experiment.
Moodiness Moodiness: stems from lack of self mastery over thoughts and emotions and not seeing that all feelings and emotions are a choice and are caused by the way you think and not by any person or anything outside of self. All feelings, emotions are created by either fear or love. Ideal is to transcend all fear based thinking and feeling. This is what an enlightened being and integrated Spiritual Master embodies on Earth!
Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah: the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City is the first of its kind and the Holy of the Holies in the Mormon Faith. Its construction was begun in 1853, and it took 40 years to complete. It is both the heart center of the Mormon faith and the main administrative center. Its walls are covered with beautiful murals painted by Mormon artists who were sent to study art in Paris to prepare them to paint the temple. This beautiful temple is like a crown center to the beauty of the surrounding area at the base of the mountains overlooking the Great Salt Lake.
Mormons Mormons: members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who accept a doctrine of truth and code of ethics based upon the teachings of the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the writings and teachings of the church’s founders.
Moroni Moroni: the last of a chain of ancient American prophets who wrote, guarded and maintained a set of ancient records concerning God’s dealings with the peoples of ancient America. He appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith on September 21, 1823, and instructed him as to the location of these records and the plan for their translation into the English language. These translations later became the Book of Mormon and the foundational teaching of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Morphogenetic grid Morphogenetic grid: the Earth’s Electromagnetic Grid, which binds together the frequencies of all living things on this planet. Each individual species has their own Morphogenetic Grid and unique collective signature.
Moses Moses: considered one of the greatest prophets of the Jewish religion. Led the Jewish people out of slavery in Egypt. Climbed Mt. Sinai and spoke with GOD, the I AM That I AM, where Moses enountered the Burning Bush and God revealed his Holy Name and the Ten Commandments to the Jewish people. See Dr. Stone’s book, The Golden Book of Melchizedek: How to Become an Integrated Christ/Buddha in This Lifetime, for the deeper esoteric understanding of the Ten Commandments! Moses led the Jewish people for 40 years through the desert, however, before the Promised Land was reached, he passed to the Spirit World and Joshua took over Spiritual Leadership of the Tribe of Israel. Interestingly, Joshua was an incarnation of the Master Jesus! The Jewish and Christian religions are more connected than people realize. This was also why Jesus was born into the Jewish religion and was a Jewish rabbi!
Moslems Moslems: members of the Islamic faith, whose holy scripture is the Koran, a revelation given to the prophet Mohammed.
Mother Mary Mother Mary: (see Archangel Mother Mary)
Mother Teresa Mother Teresa: Mother Teresa, the great Christian Saint from Calcutta, who recently passed on to the Spiritual World! Known for helping the poorest of the poor!
Mt. Everest, in Tibet Mt. Everest, in Tibet: many people from all over the world journey to this powerful mountain to attempt to reach its peak in what can only be thought of as the most incredible test of endurance and will that one could physically achieve. Symbolic of the Spiritual and psychological mountains that each soul must climb to realize God!
Mt. Shasta, California Mt. Shasta, California: one of the most powerful vortices and spiritually energetic points on the planet. It is the home of the subterranean city of Telos – where lives an ancient Lemurian civilization. Dr Stone hosted the Annual Wesak Festival in Mt Shasta for 10 consecutive years; Mt Shasta is a major focal point for the energies being transmitted into the physical plane from the higher dimensions.
Mt. Sinai, Egypt Mt. Sinai, Egypt: Mt. Sinai, found in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, is the sacred mountain where Moses heard the voice of God and received the revelation of the Torah and the Ten Commandments. It is now visited by people from all over the world and is home to St. Catherine’s, the world’s oldest monastery.
Mu Mu: (see Lemuria)
Multiuniversal Level Multiuniversal Level: referring to that which is beyond our Melchizedek Universe
Multiuniversal Level Ray Multiuniversal Level Ray: energy source from the multiuniversal plane of existence; platinum in color.
Multiuniversal Logos Logos of the Multiuniverse: holds the conscious pattern of evolution for the entire Multiuniverse.
Mystery School Mystery School: term given to the esoteric inner plane schools of Spiritual initiation and learning as they work with souls on Earth. At this time in Earth’s history, the ancient mystery schools are being externalized and openly taught on the planet! In truth, Earth life as a whole and in itself is a mystery school even though people do not realize it as such.
Mystic Mystic: the path of the mystic is one that is more on the emotional side of things rather than mental as in the path of the occultist. The mystic is often born more psychic, with a greater ability to channel clairvoyantly and clairaudiently. The mystic is the more feminine approach to Self and God Realization whereas the occult is the more masculine path. One is not better than the other. They are just different. Ideally one strives to integrate and balance both within self.

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