Manifestation Tips, Prayers and Activations

Manifestation Tips, Prayers and Activations

For your enjoyment, here in this section you will find 44 additional healing tips and insights about manifestation prayers and activations, working with the subconscious mind, guidelines for prayers and affirmations and visualizations, some tools for manifestation, available special help form the Masters, principles and laws of manifestation, attitudes for manifestation, attitudes for manifestation, giving and gratitude.

Manifestation Tips, Prayers and Activations
 1 Manifestation Prayers and Activations
 2 Working with the Subconscious Mind
 3 Guidelines for Prayer, Affirmation and Visualization
 4 Some Tools for Manifestation
 5 Special Help from the Masters
 6 From the Vantage Point of God
 7 Principles and Laws of Manifestation
 8 Attitudes for Manifestation
 9 Giving and Gratitude
10 Karma


Healing Tip 177: The Huna Method Of Prayer

This golden key, the Huna method of prayer, is an invaluable tool for manifestation. The Huna teachings come from Hawaii. The channelings of the spiritual teacher, Paul Solomon, refer to Huna as the purest form of psychology and religion on the planet. The kahunas taught a method of prayer that I have been using for almost fifteen years. It is the most powerful method of prayer that I have found. I usually use it only for bigger things.

The kahunas taught that the key to effective prayer is to write out your prayer request in very specific and visual terms; and then to address it to God, your Mighty I Am Presence and the ascended masters to whom you are sending it.

Say this prayer three times out loud, and then command your subconscious mind to take this prayer with all the mana and vital force needed to manifest the prayer to the Source of your being. I have had the most miraculous results with this prayer method. I have used it many times for very important matters and spiritual concerns in my life, and it has never failed me. I have a full chapter on the Huna prayer method in my book, Beyond Ascension. It gives examples of a number of very powerful Huna prayers.

The combination of this Huna prayer method and calling on Sai Baba for help in meditation with the benefit of his omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence, has been an awesome combination. These, in combination with my prayers to Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya and Melchizedek who form my ascension lineage, have been the three types of prayer which have supported my success in manifesting.

With my study of the Huna teachings, I came to understand more fully that manifestation must be addressed on all three levels simultaneously for the most success. I have summed this up with the following statement: “God, my personal power and the power of my subconscious mind are an unbeatable manifestation team.” My life has been a dance of moving from personal power and positive action, to prayer, to positive attitude and affirmations.

The kahunas also taught that before doing any prayer work one should build up the vital force and mana that is sent with the prayer through the power of the subconscious mind. This vital force can be naturally built up by always praying from a consciousness of personal power and enthusiasm. It also can be built up by deep breathing or physical exercise, especially a centering exercise such as Tai Chi. You also can ask for an increase from God and the masters, or you can command your subconscious mind to create an increase. The vital force is used in some mysterious way to assist in the manifestation of your prayer request. The ascended masters have confirmed this truth.

Healing Tip 178: Prayers To Ganesha

The next golden key is working with Ganesha, the elephant God of Eastern lore who is known for removing obstacles. Ganesha is quite real and has tremendous powers in this area. The combination of Sai Baba, Huna prayers, the trinity of Melchizedek, Lord Maitreya and Djwhal Khul, plus Ganesha is guaranteed to remove all obstacles in your life no matter what they may be.

You can call on Ganesha directly, or there is a ceremony that I wrote up in my book, Cosmic Ascension. In this ceremony you call in Ganesha, crack open a coconut and chant a specific mantra. Then leave the coconut out as an offering. This works! I ask for Ganesha’s help in all areas of my life.


Healing Tip 179: The Subconscious Mind Letter

The next golden key is called “The subconscious mind letter.” You can do this whenever you feel the need or have this as a separate section of your journal. I would write a letter to my subconscious mind and talk to it as I would a child or younger brother and explain to it how I want it to cooperate and work with me. I often would do this in conjunction with letters to my higher self or God. Over time, this helped to integrate my three minds.

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