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Monad, Oversoul and Soul – And what the Spiritual Path is all About

Monad, Oversoul and Soul - And what the Spiritual Path is all About

We come from our God Self, Monad or Mighty I AM Presence. This divine aspect of our being then creates the so-called Oversoul or Higher Self, which is the Soul family to which our individual Soul belongs. Our individual Soul is that part of ourselves that reincarnates over and over again in order to evolve and ultimately return to our God Self or Monad.

While the idea of reincarnation may still be somewhat new to the Westerner, in Eastern tradition it is a common belief. Actually, reincarnation was a basic belief within the Jewish and Christian tradition too, however, in the course of history references to it have been omitted from the Bible.

In any case, once we take responsibility for our growth and the cultivation of divine attributes within us, we, the Soul, begin the path of initiation and ascension. This path is commonly called the Spiritual path. The Spiritual path is the path of bringing Spirit into the physical world by returning our awareness and attention to Spirit. The path of ascension is the path of descending (or anchoring) our Monad on Earth by ascending (or raising) our overall consciousness.

The Integrated Ascended Master consciously cultivates divine attributes and qualities, and makes a very conscious effort to anchor Monadic consciousness in the material world.

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