If you want to learn to control your mind, your emotions and your consciousness, aim to reduce the distractions around you.

That applies especially to social media. We fly from one subject to another, and the only thing we accomplish is that we scatter our forces all over the place. And doing it day in and day out, it becomes a habit, it becomes an addiction.

We are addicted to distraction. However, a distracted mind does not accomplish much. Only a focused mind can.

The word „distraction“ comes from the Latin „distrahere“: „dis“ meaning „away“ and „trahere“ meaning „to draw“. By definition, to distract means to draw forces away, in different directions.

Remember, we live in a world of energies and forces. The secret to joy, success and happiness is learning to deliberately control and direct our forces for an evolutionary purpose. However, when we allow ourselves to be distracted all the time, we allow the world around us to suck in our forces. When we allow ourselves to get distracted (as a habit), we literally weaken ourselves energetically (as a habit).

Therefore: Aim to reduce the distractions in your life. Make it a habit to say no distraction and to say yes to focus instead. You will grow so much stronger when you focus your forces rather than scatter them.

To get distracted is to scatter our forces and weaken ourselves in proportion.

To be focused is to focus our forces and strengthen ourselves in proportion.

Say no to distraction. Say yes to focus 🙂

ACTION STEP: Take a moment today to think about focus and distraction. Are there many distractions in your life? How could you reduce them and become more focused instead? Maybe start with a 7-day challenge: „For the next 7 days I will create one hour of distraction-free focus each day.“ Monitor yourself and see when and where you get distracted and how it makes you (=influences you to) think and feel.

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