We develop our mental powers and skills through structured exercise coupled with iron discipline. There is no way around disciplined exercise.

So, if we want to develop our mental skills and become mentally strong, we should add a „mental development training session“ to our daily schedule. It could be just five minutes in the morning before we start our day and five minutes in the evening before we go to sleep at night. But we have to put it into our schedule. The things we schedule are the things we get done. The things we don’t schedule we usually don’t get done, isn’t it?

Our current evolutionary goal is to grow into a Soul-conscious species, and reaching that goal involves a transition from emotional to mental polarization. This is why mental development is the name of the game in the 21st century and why this is something we all should aspire to do. Sooner or later life will lovingly force us to develop our mental skills simply because it is a requirement to take the next step in our evolution.

So, rather than wait for life to lovingly force us to grow our mental powers, let’s take the initiative and start up a daily mental training session. To develop our mental faculties we need to be methodical about it. We need to give it a fixed place in our daily lives. As said, 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening is a great way to get started. Ten minutes is short enough to not overwhelm us at the outset yet long enough to start up a mental nucleus of attractive force that we can grow in strength and power through our daily attention.

ACTION STEP: Get out your daily planner and add „mental development training session“ to your daily schedule. Here is an idea for a first exercise: Exercise to purify the mental body HERE

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