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Stay Away from Drugs – Drugs Hinder your Spiritual Growth

Stay Away from Drugs - Drugs Hinder your Spiritual Growth

Unfortunately it has become “normal” in our society today that a very large number of people, especially teenagers take drugs!

Now please listen very carefully. If you are serious about your Spiritual path and Spiritual growth, then drugs are an absolute no-go! Not only do you indirectly support the global drug mafia and drug war when consuming them, and not only do you kill your mind, liver and physical body which is the temple of your Soul, but you also demonstrate lack of self-love, because no one who loves himself destroys himself!

Apart from that, taking drugs creates holes in the aura and throws you on the astral plane. Many people who have taken drugs know what it feels like to land on the astral plane, hearing people screaming, incessant chatter, and so forth. They go mentally insane. And many of them end up being under psychic attack for the rest of their lives! So stay away from drugs! If you have taken drugs in the past, forgive yourself and retain no guilt. Should you currently take drugs, stop immediately!

Most importantly, if necessary seek psychological counselling because what everyone who consumes drugs really wants is to escape reality for lack of self-mastery and understanding what life is all about.

The Integrated Ascended Master fully realizes how foolish it is to take drugs to obtain altered states of consciousness. He knows that if he wants altered states of consciousness, he can gain those through meditation.

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