Tablets of Creation Tablets of Creation: the Tablets of Creation are an encodement of Light in the higher dimensions that are connected with the scientific keys of living Light to the mansion worlds of YHWH which contain light packets of information that can be called forth and anchored in meditation by request from Enoch and Metatron.
Ta’i Chi Ta’i Chi: an ancient Chinese Martial Art, which is not taught in any type of combative form but rather by the teaching of certain movements done very slowly, almost like an individual dance in slow motion.
Taj Mahal, India Taj Mahal, India: during the Muslim occupation of India, which began in the 1500’s, the Mughal rulers who sought to unite India under Sunni Islam, used architecture to communicate the fusion of the two cultures. Shahjahan, recognized esoterically as an incarnation of the Ascended Master Kuthumi, was the last of the truly successful rulers of the period. He was a great patron of architecture who used a synthesis of Muslim and Indian artistic and architectural traditions to inspire the unity of the cultures. His most notable achievement was the Taj Mahal.
Talisman Talisman: an amulet for Spiritual blessings and protection.
Tantra Tantra: the union of male/female forces in the body that evokes the wisdom principle and hence higher spiritual awareness. Tantra is often distorted into lower sex yoga practices.
Tantric sexuality Tantric sexuality: this is a Spiritual practice that teaches an individual and couple to realize God through sexuality. It teaches how to also raise the sexuality up through the Chakra column to achieve Spiritual orgasms in all the chakras, not just the Second Chakra.
Tao Tao: the ability to live always in the balance of the Yin and the Yang. Never going too fast or too slow. Always respecting the divine order and divine timing in everything. There is a Tao to everything! Based on the teachings of Taoism!
Taoism Taoism: one of the world’s great religions based on the principal of the Tao and the Yin and Yang. Founded by Lao-Tzu.
Tarot Tarot: the deck of cards used for divination that show the main archetypes. A wonderful tool for understanding the true nature of the personality, if properly understood!
Taurus Taurus: one of the 12 houses of the Zodiac (4/22–5/22). Key phrase—”I Have.” The key challenge of Taurus is coming to a right relationship to the things you have or possessions. Is your identity in the things you have, or do you have the proper involvement but detachment? The Taurus individual on the positive side is slow, steady, kind, gentle, holds possessions and material things in great value. The key lesson involved is detachment. The danger areas are: over-possessiveness, jealousy, greed, fear of loss, stubborn. The Wesak Celebration takes place each year at the full moon of Taurus.
Telepathy Telepathy: thought transference; this is how the Masters communicate on the inner plane and also with initiates on the outer plane who have trained their mental faculties to do so (in a past or the present life)
Telos Telos: the underground city two miles below the Mountain of Mt. Shasta.
Temples of Wisdom Temples of Wisdom: inner plane temples for more advanced soul extensions and disciples to study in, where advanced training in meditation, philosophy, prayer, spiritual psychology and God-realization are disseminated.
Ten Commandments Ten Commandments: the ten Great Laws of God channeled from God, the I AM That I AM, to Moses when he climbed Mt. Sinai! See The Golden Book of Melchizedek, for esoteric understanding!
tenth ray Tenth Ray: a Ray that allows all the changes a person has been seeking to make to be locked in, and helps to facilitate the soul merge and code the pattern of divinity into the physical body. It has a pearlescent-colored luminosity.
Terra Terra: a Spiritual name for the Earth.
Tesla, Nicola Tesla, Nikola: one of the greatest New Age inventors in modern history. He was literally hundreds of years ahead of his time. “His patents and theoretical work form the basis of modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems, including the polyphase power distribution system and AC motor, with which he helped usher in the Second Industrial Revolution.”
Tetragrammaton Tetragrammaton: in the ancient Jewish teachings it was said that God’s name was so Holy that it could not be spoken. Instead, the name Tetragrammaton was given to call it.
The Dome of the Rock in the old city of Jerusalem, Israel The Dome of the Rock in the old city of Jerusalem, Israel: The Dome of the Rock is the second most holy place to the Muslims and is believed to be the place where Muhammad ascended into heaven and received the five pillars of the Islamic faith. It is one of the most beautiful temples in the world, decorated with very complex and colorful patterns of tiles and stained glass windows. The area surrounding the temple contains a Muslim mosque and a Muslim museum, and the entire complex is one of the most beautiful sites in Jerusalem.
Theology Theology: the study of God and religion!
Theosophical Society Theosophical Society: the society or organization founded by Madame Blavatsky as the First Dispensation of Ascended Master teachings!
Theosophy Theosophy: the teachings or philosophy as taught by Madam Blavatsky and C.W. Leadbeater, Annie Beasant, and other adherents to the Theosophical teachings!
Therapeutici Therapeutici: the healers—one of the two loosely divided social groups in the Essene community. They were focused on the healing arts, which were broken down into the three categories of: the use of herbs, roots, leaves and bark; the use of stones and hardened earth; and the use of the energy of the soul, the monad, and God.
Third Eye Third Eye: the Sixth Chakra which corresponds to the pineal gland and is located just above the eyes at the center of the head; it is the development of your consciousness that opens your Third Eye; contrary to popular opinion, clairvoyance has nothing to do with having an open third eye; clairvoyance is a subconscious ability, not a superconscious one.
Third Ray Third Ray: an energy of manifestation and active, creative intelligence, yellow in color, and governed by the Mahachohan and the Ascended Master Serapis Bey. It is also a Ray of power to evolve, mental illumination, perseverance, philosophical bent, organization, clear-mindedness and perfectionism; this energy is connected to finance, trade, business and economics, as well as the energy of the abstract thinker, metaphysician and philosopher.
Thoth/Hermes Thoth/Hermes: the great Atlantean and Egyptian Master who helped to build the Great Pyramid of Giza and wrote the Hermetic Laws—”That which is below corresponds to that which is above, and that which is above corresponds to that which is below.” Thoth was the author of the Emerald Tablets as well as an incarnation of Lord Buddha.
Three Permanent Atoms Three Permanent Atoms: the recording devices in the Solar Plexus, pineal gland and heart—called the Astral Seed Atom, the Mental Seed Atom, and the Heart Seed Atom; they serve to dispense karma into the blood stream
Three-fold Flame Three-fold Flame: the three flames of love, wisdom and power that exist in each person’s heart that must be balanced by every individual as part of the process of becoming God-realized! The Threefold Flame signifies the Presence of God (Power), Christ (Love) and the Holy Spirit (Wisdom) living inside every living heart.
Three-fold Vehicle Three-fold Vehicle: the aspect of consciousness that the Monad works through; made up of the spiritual will, intuition and the higher mind.
Thrones Thrones: the Thrones are the lowest level of the highest sphere of Angels. They are the heavenly counselors and companion angels of all of the planets.
Tibet Tibet: the true homeland of the Dalai Lama, who was banished from there when the Communist Chinese militarily invaded his homeland around 1950! Home of the Tibetan Buddhists in the Himalayas!
Tibetan Tibetan: one of the five sacred languages.
Tibetan Book of the Dead Tibetan Book of the Dead: this is the ancient sacred book that explains the secrets of the “Bardo!” Said to be a 3 to 40 day period of after death where one reviews one’s life just lived from Spirit’s perspective to evaluate in a loving manner what has been Spiritually accomplished and what lessons were not learned. For a more updated and easier to understand version of how this bardo works, see Dr. Stone’s book The Complete Ascension Manual!
Tibetan Buddhism Tibetan Buddhism: a particular form of Buddhism as taught by the monks in Tibet. Many of the Ascended Masters who we are most familiar with were Tibetan Buddhists in their last lifetime on Earth. This would apply for example to Master Kuthumi, El Morya and Djwhal Khul.
Tibetan Foundation Tibetan Foundation: the foundation created by Janet McClure, who passed on in the 1970’s, and who was a wonderful channel for the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and Vywamus (the Higher aspect of Sanat Kumara, our former Planetary Logos). The Tibetan Foundation no longer exists, however, many great and wonderful teachings came out of this organization.
Tiphareth Tiphareth: one of the ten Sephiroth ofn the Kabbalistic Tree of Life; associated with Archangel Michael. The name of God associated with this sephiroth is YHWH.
TM TM: acronym for Transcendental Meditation.
Toning Toning: the use of various sounds for the purpose of healing and Spiritual expansion.
Torah Or Torah Or: Light Scriptures from the Treasury of Light at the 352nd level of Divinity.
Traditional Psychology Traditional Psychology: the teachings of psychology that are based on the Personality level of self-actualization and have not yet connected with the Soul or Monadic level of Spiritual psychology! It has been part of Dr. Stone’s mission to not only bring forth some of the most cutting-edge teachings on Ascension and the Ascended Masters to the planet, but to also bring forth a complete, clear, easy to understand, understanding of Spiritual psychology! Again, it is only by mastering the Spiritual, Psychological, and Physically/Earthly levels that God Realization can truly take place! When God can truly be realized on all three levels and then balanced and integrated on all these three levels, does the true Spiritual Ecstasy and Bliss of God take place!
Trance Trance: (trance state) a state of awareness that is deeply relaxed and receptive, almost on the edge of sleep, but much more conscious. This can range from a mild daydream type of state to a deep inward focus of attention, where one can be receptive to contact with the higher dimensions.
Transpersonal psychology Transpersonal psychology: a more traditional term or word in traditional colleges and universities for the study of Spiritual and Soul psychology!
Tree of Knowledge Tree of Knowledge: the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil at the center of the Garden of Eden that Adam and Eve were instructed not to eat from; the eating of the forbidden fruit is symbolic of man’s choice to think with the negative ego mind; the Tree of Good and Evil is a symbology of negative ego duality; to realize God we need to transcend negative ego duality; this is achieved by learning to disengage the negative ego mind and learning to only think with one’s Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I Am Presence / God / Goddess Mind
trinity Trinity: usually refers to Trinity of God, Christ & the Holy Spirit or Brahma, Vishnu Shiva; there are also lesser trinities such as: personality, Soul and Monad; subconscious, conscious and superconscious mind.
Truth Truth: that which comes from God is Truth; that which comes from negative ego is illusion
Turin Shroud Turin Shroud: cloth that is believed was the shroud that covered Jesus after the crucifixion and just prior to his resurrection.
Twelfth ray Twelfth Ray: a golden ray of the New Age, which helps to anchor the Christ consciousness on Earth, and is the summit of all the higher rays, containing all of their essences and helping with inner realizations.
Twelve Strands of DNA Twelve Strands of DNA: we each have two physical strands of DNA, however, it is possible with help from the inner plane Ascended Masters and Angels to anchor and activate ten additional strands on an etheric level. This is another one of the aspects of activating ones full ascension on all levels!
Twelve Veils Twelve Veils: the lower expressions of the 12 archetypes that can be cleared by request during meditation, with the understanding that we also need to do our part on a conscious and physical action level as well, in terms of transcending the lower expression of archetypes. Life is a co-creation.
Twenty-four Elders who surround the Throne Twenty-four Elders who surround the Throne: these Cosmic Masters sit in the presence of God at the highest level, exchanging their commission and glory periodically with other Masters. They control twenty-four thrones and dominions which administer the law of the central control through Councils of Light to all universes that recognize God. Corresponds to our 12 paired (24) cranial nerves.
Twilight Master Twilight Master: a lightworker that is working for both the Light and the Dark sides of life. A lightworker who is not clear on a personality or psychological level or in terms of the negative ego. Often attracts a member of the Dark Brotherhood who overshadows him/her in a way similar to what the Ascended Masters do.

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