This is a theory of psychology that I have termed myself. I think it is unknown to most people because most people are either caught in it or have a whole bunch of theories in their mind that they are unsure about. The false holistic theory as I define it is the belief that you need to balance the light and dark aspects of yourself.

Many reading this may be nodding your heads saying, “This sounds all right. I think we are supposed to do that.” Well, I am here to tell you that you are not here to do this. Yes, you are here to balance the feminine and masculine parts of yourself. And you are here to balance the heavenly and earthly aspects of yourself. You are also here to balance all your chakras and four bodies as well as all aspects of yourself.

There is only one thing that you are not here to balance however, and this is the key point that very few people in this world understand. You are not here to balance negative ego consciousness and Christ consciousness. You are here to transcend the negative ego. That is why Sai Baba says the definition of God is that “God equals man minus ego.” Sai Baba is referring here to the negative ego.

It is even true that you need to balance and integrate your ego and your spiritual side.

You are not here to balance negative ego thinking and Christ thinking. This is the essence of Sai Baba’s teachings, A Course in Miracles, Buddha’s teaching, and in truth, all the teachings of all the Self Realized Masters.

Many people who are caught in the false holistic theory think that you have to balance everything. If you disown anything that it will come back and bite you on some level. This is not true. Remember, it is your thoughts that create your reality. The negative ego is, in essence, fear, selfishness, and separation.

We are not here to balance fear and love. Does not the Bible say, “Perfect love casts out fear.” We are not here to balance separation and oneness. We are here to live in oneness. It is the negative ego that creates all the negative qualities such as hatred, revenge, jealousy, lack of self worth, false pride, depression, low self esteem, inferiority complex.

You are not here to balance hatred and love. You are not here to balance inferiority complex and a high self-esteem. You are not here to balance lack of self worth and self worth. God created us and our true identity is the Monad, the Eternal Self, the I AM Presence. Does not the Bible say, “Ye are Gods and know it not.”

Does God experience hatred, revenge, jealousy, lack of self worth, false pride and depression? Of course not. Where do these qualities come from if God created us? They come from misthinking on humanity’s part. They come from thinking with our separative, fear based mind, instead of our oneness, love based Christ mind. Does not the Bible say, “Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.”

To realize the Christ consciousness you have to transcend the negative ego consciousness. As A Course in Miracles says, “There are no neutral thoughts.” Every person is either egotistical in their thinking or spiritual in their thinking or a mixture of both. The ideal is to obviously be spiritual.

When you achieve this state of thinking and perfection of reality you are loving, joyous, happy, even-minded, and peaceful all the time. Did not Buddha say, “All suffering comes from your attachments.” God does not suffer so why should we if we are made in His image and likeness. We are here to become the Light, to become the Love, to realize God.

As Sai Baba says, you will not achieve God Realization unless you die to your negative ego which is fear, separative and selfish consciousness. Die to this lower self way of thinking and be reborn to your Higher Self way of thinking, and then you will realize God.

This is the main curriculum of the Spiritual path, regardless of which path or teacher you choose to follow. Contrary to what other people will tell you, you do not need negative emotions. They are created by your negative ego mind. They do not come from outside of yourself or from your instincts. They come from your interpretation, perception, and beliefs about reality.

You are seeing your own movie. Did not Buddha say, in the Four Noble Truths that all suffering comes from “wrong points of view?” Think with your God mind which is Light. That is why it is called en-light-enment. It is not called en-dark-enment. We are not here to balance happiness and suffering. We are here to live in happiness and the light all the time. This is the mastery over what Djwhal Khul has called the dweller on the threshold. The dweller on the threshold is the embodiment of glamour, maya, illusion, and negative ego.

This form of psychology, which I am sharing with you, has also been called Transpersonal Psychology in the traditional field. Trans-personal psychology is the new wave of the future. In the next thirty to 100 years the field of psychology will be completely revolutionized by this coming new wave. This book (Soul Psychology by Dr Joshua David Stone) and many others like it are antecedents and the beginning stage of this coming revolution.