Once one becomes aware of the power of the spoken word, paying careful attention to one’s conversations is a natural result.

Our words have power. They have vibratory power. And it is thanks to this vibratory power that whatever we voice, we begin to attract.

When we open our mouth to articulate ourselves, we are sending out an electromagnetic force which goes out into the world to later return to us, like a boomerang, laden with the very thing we articulated.

If we continuously speak of poverty and disease, we’ll certainly attract it by force of the magnetic power inherent in our words. If, however, we make it a focus in life to only speak of joy, health and abundance, then only joy, health and abundance shall come into our life. Whatever we voice, we attract.

When we speak with assurance and emotion, we charge our words with power. The force of power may be invisible but it binds and ties – with its invisible strings – the one who articulates them. And in this way, whatever we send out comes back to us. Without fail.

What we say of others will be said of us, and what we wish for another, we are wishing for ourselves.

We radiate beams of electromagnetic forces when we think and when we speak. Our goal should be to make our every thought of mind, our every atom of body, our every molecule of being vibrate to the harmonies of the Divine.

When we think, when we speak, when we desire, every atom of our bodies is set into vibration. When we think, speak, act and desire the Divine, we begin to vibrate in harmony with the Divine.

Speaking of the power of our words: What are you talking about all day long? Is what you are saying uplifting or is it putting down? Is your language constructive or destructive? Are you talking wealth or poverty, health or sickness, joy or despair? Are you just talking nonsense all day long or are you looking at communication as a way to serve, heal and reveal?

You see: The words we speak reveal the thoughts we think. They reveal our point in evolution. In a sense, each one of us, as we open our mouth to articulate ourselves, advertises our point in evolution to the world around us.

So, as we work on our Spiritual growth and evolution and as we strive to grow into a Soul-conscious species, let us remember to also evolve our speech. Let us follow the ancient advice to use our words for three purposes only, that is: to heal, to bless, to prosper.

ACTION STEP: For the next 7 days, let‘s pay super careful attention to the words we speak. Let‘s use this tool to heal, to bless and to prosper; let’s use this tool to construct, support and uplift self and others. Learning to pay attention to the words we speak means learning to control our forces. When we speak without first considering whether what we are about to say is helpful and constructive, we are wasting our forces, and we are misusing our forces. However, when we pay attention to what we are saying, and when we strive to use this tool to help, heal and uplift, we are learning to use our forces wisely. We are using them to lift ourselves out of this world into a higher one. Think about that, and join this 7-day-experiment if you are up for it.

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