1. The first key to releasing fear and worry is to always own your personal power and self-mastery. The second you lose your personal power and self-mastery, fear-based thinking and feeling will begin to creep back into your consciousness. This is the first key. Personal power and self-mastery are nothing more than an attitude that you hold in your mind, which you start your day with and keep affirming to yourself all day long whenever you feel the need to. You will immediately feel better every time when you do a personal power and self-mastery affirmation. You must be in control of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy and physical body to not have fear. 
  2. The second key to releasing fear and worry is to place around yourself, every morning to start your day, a semi-permeable Golden Bubble of Protection that keeps out negativity from self and others and allows in only Spiritual and positive thoughts, feelings and energies. This will give you the appropriate sense of invulnerability, and the sense that you cause your reality and are not a victim of your own thoughts, feelings, emotions and energies and those of other people. Others people’s negative energies will also then slide off your Golden Bubble of Protection like “water off a duck’s back!” This is the second key principle to release fear and worry.
  3. The third key principle to releasing fear and worry is unconditional love towards self and others. It is impossible to release fear unless you adopt an attitude of unconditional love at all times. This is because the opposite of love is attack and fear. If you don’t approach self, people and life with unconditional love then you will approach it with attack and judgment. By the law of karma within your own mind you will live in fear.
  4. The fourth key principle to releasing fear and worry is prayer! As the Universal Mind said through Edgar Cayce, “Why worry when you can pray?” Every time you worry you should pray! You will find that this instantly causes worry to go away, for what is more powerful than God, the Angels and the Masters to help you with whatever you need?
  5. The fifth key principle to releasing fear is doing affirmations. Every time a fear-based thought or feeling enters your mind immediately do a Spiritual / Christ / Buddha affirmation of some kind. There are only two ways of thinking in the world. You either think with your negative ego / fear-based / separative / dualistic / illusionary / selfish / lower-self mind, or you think with your Spiritual / Christ / Buddha Mind. All fear will be released if every time a fear-based thought or feeling arises you push it out of your mind, and replace it with a Spiritual / Christ / Buddha type thought, feeling and/or affirmation. This is the fifth key principle to removing all fear and worry from yourself and your life!
  6. The sixth key principle to release all fear and worry is faith. Throughout your day at different times, affirm your faith in yourself and your own abilities to master, cause, and create your life and your total faith in God, the Ascended Masters, and the Angels. Your thoughts create your reality. If you affirm this it will be so.
  7. The seventh and last principle to releasing fear is to maintain Spiritual attunement with God, your Mighty I AM Presence, the inner plane Ascended Masters, and the Archangels and Angels. What manifests in life is where you put your attention and consciousness. If you keep your consciousness and mind steady in the Light, what is to fear? The idle mind is the devil’s workshop! If you allow yourself to lose your attunement to God and the Masters then it will drift to the lower self instead of your Higher Self, and this will cause fear. The fear is only caused by allowing yourself to be too much on automatic pilot and your mind too idle. Keep your consciousness, mind, and activities always in God attunement, God thoughts, God feelings, and God activities, and fear will never surface unless you allow it to!

You, my Beloved Readers, are co-creators with God, and are Sons and Daughters of God made in His/Her image, and you cause and create your own reality! So let it be written. So let it be done.