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What is the Threefold Flame?

What is the Threefold Flame?

The Threefold Flame is the Threefold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power. God is omnipresent (love), omniscient (wisdom) and omnipotent (power). Being made in the image and likeness of God, we also have love, wisdom and power inside of us. These three qualities are anchored in our heart in the form of the so-called Threefold Flame.

Everyone must own their 100% personal power in life to realize God and be a master in life.

Everyone also must own their 100% unconditional love at all times towards self, others, all kingdoms, and the Earth, to fully realize God and transcend all fear in life.

And lastly, everyone must own their 100% psychological and Spiritual wisdom at all times to realize God and maintain the proper balance between love and power.

The Integrated Ascended Master realizes that it is not possible to realize God unless all three of these flames are operating at 100%, being perfectly integrated and balanced in all ways and all things. God is the perfect balance of love, wisdom and power – not the fragmentation of and over-identification with one of these flames to the neglect of the others.

Love, power, and wisdom need each other – and we need each of these three qualities to be complete within ourselves.

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