I think intuitively we all know that we are living in exciting times even though these are also very difficult times in many ways.

So I thought it may be a valuable idea to talk about our evolutionary goal – not about the ultimate evolutionary goal but about the next big step in our evolution, okay?

Question: when you look around in the world, who is living in this world?

I mean, who do we share our planet with?

We share our planet with humans, right?
What else? Animals.
What else? Plants.
What else? Minerals.

Now, in intuitive philosophy, what we have got here is known as the so-called Four Kingdoms.

First Kingdom: Minerals
Second Kingdom: Plants and Vegetables
Third Kingdom: Animals
Fourth Kingdom: Humans

Now this topic about kingdoms is a huge topic and totally interesting but we won’t get into that today because it is too comprehensive. Nevertheless, there is one thing I would like to share with you today.

Each kingdom has an evolutionary goal. And in essence, the evolutionary goal of each kingdom is to enter the kingdom above it. And in essence, each kingdom accomplishes that by being of service to the kingdom above it – a service which is known, in intuitive philosophy, as the law of sacrifice.

Let me just give you a few quick examples.

The minerals in the soil are of service to the plant kingdom by providing the roots with nutrients. The plants are of service to animals and also to humans by serving us as food. Animals serve humans in many ways, as we know. Here we could talk about vegetarianism from an integrated Spiritual perspective, but we won’t get there today. Now we, humans, it is our duty to serve all these kingdoms here. Here we could talk about money, clothes, jewelry or zoos for example. Things that you have probably never thought about from an evolutionary, Spiritual perspective! But again, we won’t talk about that either today. I would like to talk about something else.

So each kingdom seeks to enter the kingdom above it by being of service to the kingdom above and the ones below.

Now, what’s above the human kingdom? The so-called 5th kingdom – the Spiritual Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Souls. The Kingdom of Enlightened Masters.

So our evolutionary goal and destiny as human beings is to enter the Spiritual kingdom. Literally! Not figuratively speaking, but literally.

And you know what’s so amazing about it all? It is happening right here and right now. What does it say in the Bible? It says, Thy Kingdom Come, right? Did you ever ask yourself what that means? It means this here – literally. Again, not figuratively, but literally!

Said another way: When we as Souls in incarnation awaken to the truth that we ARE Souls (and not our personalities), so when we as Souls in incarnation come to the realization that we are not our bodies but Souls – and that in order realize this we have to make every effort to think, feel, speak and act as the Soul in incarnation – so when we as the Soul in incarnation choose to master our vehicles instead of letting the incarnate consciousness being run by them, when we choose to become Integrated Enlightened Masters, when we choose to integrate the threefold instrument of the Soul and master it in the light of the Soul, you and I, we are literally anchoring the so-called Fifth Kingdom on Earth.

Think about that for a moment. We are literally birthing a new kingdom!! A new kingdom!! A new species that knows itself to be eternal Soul and one with all life and who thinks and feels and acts like that to the best of their ability.

The mark of the human kingdom is that man is self-conscious, conscious of itself. The mark of the Spiritual kingdom is that the man in incarnation is Soul conscious and Soul-identified.

Now, to help you grasp the magnificence of all of this, the last time a kingdom was born in this world was millions of years ago. And that last kingdom that was born on Earth was none less than the so-called human kingdom: the birth hour of man, an event known as individualization which I don’t want to get into right now.

What distinguishes man from the animal is that man has a mind of his or her own. Man is called man because we have a mind of our own. The word man comes from the Sankrit manas which means mind. So the last time a kingdom was born on Earth, it was the birthing of the kingdom of man. And our main characteristic was that we got a mind that allowed us to become conscious of ourselves. Animals don’t have a mind like humans do. They have instinct which is a precursor for mental activity.

And now we are birthing a new kingdom again. The Spiritual Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Souls. And this is the real reason why it is so exciting to be on Earth right now because this is the big picture, and we have been evolving for millions of years to get to this point that we are reaching right now.

So, the point of this video is that we are truly living in amazing times because we all together – those of us who are starting to become aware of it but obviously also those who have no conscious understanding of any of these matters but who are fully dedicated to service and love and evolution – so all of us together, all of humanity, we are birthing a whole new kingdom on Earth.

We are stepping out of the human kingdom and into the Spiritual kingdom. And that is huge! That is the window of opportunity that we all have right now.

Now, how do you enter that kingdom?

By becoming Soul-conscious and mastering your threefold instrument (mind, emotion and body) in service of the greater plan. By becoming an Integrated Enlightened Master. By transcending the fear-based mind, stepping out of the illusion of separation, transcending your lower self, transcending addictions, learning to meditate to attune with your Divine Self, dedicating your life to planetary world service, getting right with yourself, seeing the spirit of divinity in yourself and everyone else, understanding how the mind works, understanding that the physical body which we erroneously are all identified with is just a learning device of the indwelling consciousness, striving for self-mastery, mastery of the mind, mastery of emotions, understanding that Spiritual practices and yoga etc. have the mere purpose to help us attune with Spirit, and on and on.