The 21st century shall go down in history as the Age of the Soul. To launch the Age of the Soul, we have to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness. To become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, we have to take specific initiatives. In 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi we look at 12 of these specific initiatives that we all have to take to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness so we may silently but decisively launch the Age of the Soul. MORE INFORMATION


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We, as a human family, have an evolutionary goal, and that goal for us right now, at the dawning of the Age of the Soul, is to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, and as conscious Souls in incarnation to become consciously creative. We are collectively birthing the Age of the Soul and Total Enlightenment Coaching by I AM University was joyfully created to support this extraordinarily exciting and unique stage in human evolution. MORE INFORMATION

Dr Joshua David Stone

Dr Joshua David Stone

About Dr Joshua David Stone

Dr Joshua David Stone, the founder of the I AM University, was one of the most influential Spiritual teachers, leaders and forerunners of our time. He had a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and was a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in California, USA. He made his mark in the Consciousness Community as a prolific writer and introduced inspired ideas such as striving for “integrated full spectrum prism consciousness” to unfold and reveal the fullness of our Divine Potential and transcending the negative ego mind as a requirement to realize our Divine Self. He was a pioneer in the field of Spiritual psychology and authored the concept of integrated ascension as well as the noble ideal of striving to become an Integrated Ascended (Enlightened) Master, both terms which he coined to stress the importance of mastering and integrating the Spiritual, psychological and physical/Earthly aspects of self to follow an integrated and balanced approach to Self Realization.

Self-love Visualization

Begin by imagining a beautiful nature scene. Visualize and imagine yourself as smiling, happy, joyous, loving and at peace with yourself and the world. Look around your nature scene and enjoy the colors, smells, sounds and feeling of being in harmony with nature.

Next, imagine one of your favorite pets being with you in your nature […]

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Self-love Affirmations

The following are self-love affirmations for reprogramming your conscious and subconscious thinking. Enjoy.

I love and forgive myself totally for all my mistakes, for I now recognize that mistakes are positive, not negative.
I now fully recognize that I have worth because God created me, and I do not have to do anything to have it.
I now […]

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Unconditional Self-love and the Inner Child

If the development of personal power is the first golden key to psychological and spiritual health, then unconditional self-love is most definitely the second golden key.

Personal power and self-love are the building blocks of a healthy self concept and self image. The most important relationship in a person’s life is his relationship to himself. If […]

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Emotional Invulnerability Affirmations

I am 100% invulnerable to other people’s negative energy. Other people’s negative energy slides off me like water off a duck’s back.
I am the cause of my feelings and emotions not other people. I will not give them this power over me ever again.
Other people’s negative energy bounces off me like a rubber pillow.
I hear […]

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Personal Power Affirmations

I am the power, the master, and the cause of my attitudes, feelings, emotions, and behavior.
I am 100% powerful, loving, and balanced at all times.
I am powerful, whole, and complete within myself. I have preferences but not attachments.
I am 100% powerful and decisive in everything I do.
I have perfect mastery and control over all my […]

The Development of Personal Power

Of all the attitudes and qualities that need development in the healthy personality none is more important than personal power or the development of will. This last statement and point cannot be emphasized enough. Everything I have spoken of so far (in this book) will not work if you don’t have personal power. Personal power […]

The Functioning of the Conscious and Subconscious Minds

The single most important quality to achieving psychological and spiritual health is learning to own your personal power.
The conscious mind is the reasoning mind, whereas the subconscious mind is the non-reasoning mind. The superconscious mind is the all-knowing mind. Another metaphor is that the conscious mind is the captain of the ship, computer programmer, decision maker, […]

Negative Ego Traps and Snares on the Path of Ascension

Glamour is not dispelled by paying close attention to it. It disappears by the power of clear and steadfast meditation, and the freeing of one’s self from self attention. – Djwhal Khul

In my travels through life as a spiritual teacher, spiritual psychologist, and disciple on the path, I have become aware of many of the […]

The False Holistic Theory

This is a theory of psychology that I have termed myself. I think it is unknown to most people because most people are either caught in it or have a whole bunch of theories in their mind that they are unsure about. The false holistic theory as I define it is the belief that you […]

How to Raise Yourself Out of Mass Consciousness

My Beloved Readers, this is another one of those chapters I have really been looking forward to channeling and writing about for this issue of how to raise oneself out of mass consciousness may be one of the single most important topics of one’s entire Spiritual path. This is a very complex and multi-faceted subject. […]